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What You Need to Know About Rhinestones

Rhinestones, as they are widely known, are tiny, glistening stones used to create jewelry and other artistic products. Centuries after centuries, they have been used as materials in the fashion industry and continued to foster and become very popular in modern times. But where do these stones actually originate?

The first rhinestones were actual diamonds, or rock crystals gathered and originally found on the banks of Europe's Rhine River. They were believed to have a high lead component, which enhanced their brilliance beyond that of the normal quartz stone. And in the 1700s, jewelers began to cut and shape these diamonds into the small, faceted stones that we recognize today. As the price for diamonds at that time drastically rose, merchants began to look for alternatives that would more affordable. 

When the late 1800s came, jewelers began producing glass stones that resembled diamonds. These “rhinestones” were then made from a variety of materials, including lead glass, quartz, and paste. It became popular in terms of fashion in the early 1900s. Designers began to utilize them by adding a dazzling touch to accessories and clothing. Costume jewelry was also embellished with rhinestones, providing consumers with an inexpensive method to add glitter to their attire. This fashion progressed into the 1950s and 1960s when rhinestones became a popular addition to costume jewelry and bridal accessories.

Up until this day, rhinestones are still popular. Plastic rhinestones are less expensive than glass and are often used for items like t-shirts and other casual clothing. Meanwhile, crystal rhinestones are the most expensive and are often used for high-end fashion and jewelry. They are still used to add a bit of glitz and glamour to a simple dress or skirt or to add a bit of sparkle to an already glamorous outfit. The right amount of sparkle to make it stand out despite wearing the simplest outfit there is. Plus rhinestones show a glimpse of personality to your look. Whether you choose to use them to create a fun pattern or to highlight a certain feature of your outfit, rhinestones will always find their way to make you stunning from head to toe. Throughout time, rhinestones proved their significance in the fashion realm. 

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